Mladen A. Plecko Architect
Overview of Services

Mladen A. Plecko Architect conveniently provides all necessary services for residential design. This eliminates the need to work with separate designers and builders and avoids many of the associated headaches. These services include:

  • Bylaw Analysis - will show the degree to which your property may be developed given the current bylaws.
  • Feasibility Study - will provide solutions for home improvements or additions, and will consist of:
    • a sketch of the existing floors plans
    • a sketch of the proposed improvements
    • an estimate of the probable cost for the improvements
  • Scehmatic Design for New Home - will consist of:
    • analysis of the client's needs and space requirements
    • creation of conceptual house plans and elevations
    • an estimate of the probable cost of construction
  • Preparation of Building Permit Drawings - will consist of:
    • 1/4" scale architectural drawings
    • assisting the client in receiving a building permit
    • an estimate of the construction cost
  • Optional Construction Services - including fixed price contract, construction management 'cost plus', and construction management 'fixed fee'.

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